Sleek Gloss Me lip gloss and Matte Me lip cream REVIEW


Hi everyone, today is a review on Sleek’s Gloss Me and Matte Me lip products. I didn’t actually want to post two reviews of lip stuff in a row, but, I thought, why not. But don’t worry I’ve got some different things lined up for the coming weeks. Actually, I have just placed an order on Jolse, (I bought 7 things oh dear), so I’ll do a haul post as well as some individual, detailed reviews and swatches. Anyway, onto these goodies~

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These two cost £4.99 each but at the moment there’s a 3 for 2 at Superdrug, so if you wanted you could pick one up for free if your other two items are over a fiver. Both come in the same packaging: a thick plastic tube and a matte screw cap with a doe-foot applicator. These applicators are actually a little different from your regular lipgloss one’s – the actual applicator head is longer and straighten than normal, and much harder. When I read some reviews for these products some people said that they didn’t like this as they felt it made the application more difficult. However, I care to disagree. I think having a harder tip makes it easier to get a precise line, (it almost acts like a felt tip). I apply both the lip cream and the gloss the same – I use the end of the applicator to line my lips and get the shape I want. Then, I fill in the rest with the long side, using two coats if I so wish.

Here below are the swatches:

(Excuse the changes in lighting, I’m not sure what happened… maybe I messed up the white balance or something…)

From left to right: “Birthday Suit”, “Thai Orchid”
  • “Birthday Suit” (Shade 436) – a warm brownish pink. Can be used for a nude lip look. Regarding formula, it has a nice consistency with one layer, but with two, or if you’re heavy handed it may feel a little thick on the lips. Also depending on amount applies, dry time varies from 30 seconds to a minute or two. The finish is completely matte. Although this doesn’t accentuate lines on the mouth, I would still recommend exfoliating (either with a scrub or very gently with a toothbrush) and applying a decent lip balm before you apply. I didn’t find this that drying, maybe due to the lip balm, and for me it lasted pretty much until I took it off, (around 6 hours). After eating I did notice some of the product missing from the inner parts of my lips. To remove, use a cleansing oil or balm, I feel like with a micellar water it would take a lot of wiping which may damage or irritate the lip area.
  • “Thai Orchid” (Shade 23) – a vibrant pink with undertones of purples and subtle glitter particles. This shade was so out of my comfort zone! I normally stick to the nudes or subtle pinks, so this was a big change. In fact, the formula was a big change too – I normally skip gloss altogether, and I’ve done so for several years. I just never liked how it looked on me, and those windy days when half your hair gets stuck on your face… Anyway, this lipgloss is very pigmented and even on first application it leaves an opaque cover on your lips. It is however a little sticky – but then again, it is a lip gloss. I’ve found that this can be applied in two ways. Either straight from the tube, as done in these swatches, or by dabbing small dots of colour across the lip for a more subtle look. I wouldn’t recommend trying to dampen the colour by blotting as this doesn’t leave a stain and you’ll just waste the product. The finish is a really glossy, water-like shine, and doesn’t dry out your lips. Remove this with a micellar water or oil cleanser.

Conclusion and ratings

I have to say that I preferred the matte formula over the gloss, as, personally, I’m not a gloss girl. I would give the Matte Me a 4.5 out of 5 and the Gloss Me a 3.5 to a 4 out of 5. The matte lip cream has a good consistency and lasts a long time, not to mention this colour could be a dupe for several more expensive liquid lipsticks on the market. For less than £5 I think it’s a really nice way to begin dabbling into a makeup trend without investing too heavily, only to find you don’t like the finish or it just doesn’t work for you.

As for the gloss, personally, although the colour is super pretty and fun, I’m just not a fan of lip glosses. Although I probably won’t wear this on it’s own, I have experimented using it on top of lipsticks such as Mac’s Fast Play, and it looked pretty good lol. I would say that if you’re a fan of lip glosses, and like them pigmented and shiny, give these a shot!




Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet & Rouge Edition Velvet REVIEW

Hey everyone, today I’m going to do a review of Bourjour’s Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet and Velvet lipsticks. At Boots they had 2 for £14 on Bourjour products so I thought why not give these a go? I initially wanted to get the new L’Oreal Infallible Matte Max lipsticks because I swatched the colours and they’re so gorgeous, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy them because, the packaging, I thought, was pretty dodgy. I may try them out in later weeks and let you all know how they shape up so stay tuned~


So I got:

  • the Velvet lipstick in shade 13, ‘Fu(n)chsia’, a bright pink. Comes in a sturdy, clear plastic tube with a doe-foot applicator.
  • the Souffle de Velvet in shade 2, ‘Coquelic’oh!’, an orange with a red tinge.  Same packaging as the Velvet except housed in a frosted plastic tube.

The reason I wanted to try one from each of the Velvet and Souffle lines was to see how the formula varies. The velvet lipsticks are marketed as ‘bold, matte and long-lasting’ with a ‘light-weight, velvety texture and non-drying formula’ whereas the Souffle provides ‘a light veil of colour, perfect for a tinted lip effect. The soft, balm like texture hydrates for up to 10 hours leaving lips comforted with a playful pop of colour’.

Shade 13, ‘Fu(n)chsia’

The Velvet lipstick is such a fun summer colour, and perfect for a gradient lip! It’s very highly pigmented and the application is quick and easy with the doe-foot applicator. It can be applied with either this or with your finger, but, be warned, you’ll end up with a lot of stain on your fingers if you do. I would say that this lipstick doesn’t dry down matte very quickly, but to quicken things up you can press your lips together a few times and then it’s dry. This is what makes it so good for that gradient, because you can work into the colour with your concealer giving a well blended, smooth finish. It doesn’t last the 24 hours it claims, but will last a good 6-8 hours depending on what you do. To remove I would recommend a good oil cleanser. This lipstick is a definite win – the formula isn’t drying, there are a plethora of colours to choose from and it doesn’t break the bank at £8.99 a pop!

The Souffle lipstick packaging is so gorgeous! It looks so classy with the frosted plastic and the cream banner and writing. This formula is designed to be less pigmented and act more like a stain, whilst maintaining a matte finish, (marketed as ‘sheer matte’). Although it has less pigment than the Velvet lipsticks, that doesn’t mean it’s not pigmented. One layer gives a demi-matte, delicate wash of colour, and two gives a slightly shinier, stronger one. The product doesn’t dry out the lips, in fact, it feels almost moisturising – however, this compromises the matte finish and the drying time. This I feel would be better classified as a stain, as it doesn’t feel like a lipstick when worn. This can be removed with micellar water or with an oil cleanser.

I’m actually really happy with both of these lipsticks and will definitely go back to the pharmacy to grab some more! (Pinks and nudes I’m looking at you.) They’re not ridiculously expensive, and especially with the 2 for £14 offer you save nearly £4. I would say the Velvet lipstick packs more of a punch and offer more opaque and dramatic cover, whilst the Souffle is like a (very) tinted lip balm or stain.

Below is a very quick and simple look with natural face and eye makeup (using my new Makeup Revolution: New-trals vs Neutrals Palette ) with a bright gradient lip using Fu(n)chsia!


I hope you all enjoyed this review and when I pick up some more I’ll definitely update this post and include more swatches! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening everyone!


The Liebster Award

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 23.00.27

I haven’t been blogging for very long, so when I found out that Sophia Lo had nominated me for the Liebster Award last night I couldn’t stop smiling. I think that’s what I love about blogging – it’s a creative outlet where people are so positive and appreciative of your content. This award is to give some exposure to new blogs just starting out, and so is a great way to let people know of some bloggers you like.

So these are the questions that Sophia set!

What is your favourite post on your blog?

Probably my first post, on the Verite cushion, cause it has the most views lol. But in all seriousness, I remember meticulously proofreading it, checking all my research on the ingredients was correct, taking dozens of photos trying to get the best angle, the best lighting. It was the beginning of this journey, and it has sort of become a bench mark for all my other posts – I hope that one day my other posts can be as popular as that one!

Eyeliner, or no eyeliner?

Ah, I love eyeliner, especially the way it can dramatically change the shape of your eyes, however, I never have time to wear it on a day to day basis (I have bad time management). So whilst I find eyeliner so nifty to wear when going out, for someone who always runs late, and needs a good 10 minutes to perfect my wing, I would say no eyeliner and instead opt for some dark brown eyeshadow and a coat of mascara.

What is your favourite beauty trend right now?

I don’t know the beauty trends right now? Oh dear… [10 minutes later]. Ok, so I just looked at Refinary 29 and was scrolling through their article on spring trends and about half-way through I saw pink eyeshadow and I was like, YES. Recently, following the release of Naked 3 and the Tarte In Bloom palettes, pink eyeshadows have been popping up more and more and I love it. Pink is so versatile – it can be cute, smokey or neutral – and it’s such an accessible trend too. So definitely that’s my favourite beauty trend and I look forward to more people trying out pink eyeshadow!

What is your favourite movie?

I’m not actually a movie person because I think they’re too long and they’re too hit and miss, although I did see Deadpool in the cinema a few weeks ago which I really enjoyed. Strangely, I prefer TV shows and dramas and can watch them all day (and night), particularly crime thrillers like Silent Witness and NCIS. Storage Hunters is my guilty pleasure (don’t judge).

Where would you love to travel to most?

My dream holiday would be a trip around South-East Asia, specifically Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and China. For several years now I’ve imagined following the cherry blossom from the South of Japan northwards, and having picnics under the trees. I want to explore both the traditional and modern aspects of the country, visiting places like Hokkaido and Akihabara.  Being a former avid watcher of 2 Days 1 Night, as well as several K-dramas, I’ve longed to go to South Korea, especially Myeongdong – a makeup lover’s paradise. But to be honest, I would be happy travelling anywhere, because I believe being open to different cultures is so important and such a rewarding experience.

Why did you get into blogging?

I like writing, I have something I’m passionate about, blogging seemed to be the thing for me! I also see myself as creative, so I love how blogging allows me to explore photography and journalism – it’s a good outlet and very relaxing.

How long have you been blogging for?

Not long, I’ve been sporadically blogging since May I think? Once summer comes around and my exams are finished, I plan to write on a regular basis and try and be more ambitious in my photography!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

With a successful blog! I find it’s rather futile imaging where I’ll be since too many things happen that you can’t even begin to factor them into your dreams and goals. I do however hope I have a job that I enjoy and find fulfilling, have close friends that support me and have to opportunity to travel all over the world. In truth I will probably be spending most of my time gaming and being sucked into the world of VR.

What do you do for fun?

I like a mix of electronic and traditional amusement. I binge watch series of anime or K-dramas, watch YouTube videos or I listen to music and just shut my eyes for a while. I also love reading, whether they’re teen fantasies or thrillers. I do occasionally delve into drawing, but I often end up frustrated when my line work isn’t up to scratch, or I called get the proportions perfect.

 What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand?

In general I think it would be L’Oreal or Sleek, that’s where I gravitate to first. For nail polish it’s always straight to Barry M for me. The formulation is great, lasts for ages and beautiful colours. And most importantly, it’s cheap, so it’s a win for me!

What is your favourite lipstick?

Ooh, this is tough. I have different favourites based on my mood, or the season, or the weather, so maybe my favourite 5 lippies? They would be:

  • Soap and Glory’s Mother Pucker in Blush Pink
  • Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Boy
  • Revlon’s Ultra HD Lipstick in HD Rose
  • Mac’s Amplified Lipstick in Fast Play
  • 3CE’s Lipstick in Bella

So there it is, my answers, sorry it’s so long – I got a little carried away. Anyway, I would like to nominate:

The Beau Parlour

The Makyaj Blog

The Beauty Official

Taylor’s Corner

And these are the questions I would like to give them:

What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

What are the top 3 beauty items on your wish list?

Country you would like to visit in the future?

Favourite artist/ album to listen to?

One beauty/ skincare item you can’t live without?

TV or books?

What’s your favourite facial feature and why?

Neutral or bold look?

Coffee or tea?

What age did you start wearing makeup, and do you think there is a certain age where it is acceptable?

Favourite makeup brand?

I hope you enjoyed this post and happy blogging!

Makeup Revolution: New-trals vs Neutrals Palette

IMG_8168Well. It’s been four months since I’ve posted something. It’s crazy to think that that much time has past – I’m surprised if anyone remembers this blog’s existence. At least I still get views for my Verite post lol. Things have been hectic with exam preparation and work and everything in-between. Excuses aside, today I’ll be showing you the Makeup Revolution ‘New-trals vs Neutrals’, a 16 pan eyeshadow palette which cost £6.99 from Superdrug.


This is a predominantly warm-toned palette with 1 cool-tone pretty much. The highlight of the palette is definitely the unconventional dark pink tones although the colours range from a creamy off-white to a dark shimmery purple. I would say that most of the eyeshadows are medium toned, meaning that the palette lacks options for a dark colour apart from a dark brown and dark purple. Concerning the ratio of matte to shimmer I think it’s about 2/3 matte, 1/3 shimmer? Some of the shimmer shades are full out glitter whilst others have a subtle sheen or very sparse, fine glitter.

You also get their Pro 1989 double-ended brush, whatever that means. But it’s welcome change from Sleek’s sponged tipped applicators.


It claims to have a ‘new super-elite formulation’ which gives the eyeshadows more impact, make them easier to blend and means it has a butter-like application.


Wow. This is the first time I have out-right gasped when swatching eyeshadows. Whilst I’ll mainly be singing this palette’s praises there are two negatives that I want to address first. I’m sad to say that I was disappointed with the two lightest shades, (Bias and Cool). Both shades were quite similar in tone, and both barely showed up when swatching them on my arm. Bias took about five swipes and still didn’t show tut tut. On the lid it shows a little but I have several other shadows that do a better job with less work. The only other negative that I could think of is that these colours may not be everyone’s cup of tea, due to the nature of the colours. I know definitely my mum thinks having pink eyeshadow makes you look like you have an eye infection!

On to the positives, apart from Bias and Cool, all the other colours are so pigmented it’s hard to believe this palette was so cheap. For the swatches it only took one or two swipes and BAM, opaque. Definitely, the pinks were the stand-outs, being so buttery and smooth.  In fact, all of the shadows were buttery and applied like a dream so a thumbs up to Makeup Revolution for the texture of the eyeshadows. Also, can you see the shimmery goodness that is Adapt, Buff and Suit? Fablous~


4.5 out of 5!

Easy on the wallet (each colour costs just 44p), unique colours (Tone maybe a dup from Lime Crime’s Venus palette?), great pigmentation, easy to get hold of. Minus point five for Bias and Cool, but there are so many other great things that the positives greatly out-weight the negatives. Check out the swatches below and let me know what you think in the comments!


The top row:

(Up to down) – Bias, Neutral, Personal, Vogue, Trend, New-Tral, Tone, Custom

And here’s the bottom row:

(Up to down) – Cool, Style, Partial, Mode, Adapt, Buff, Suit, Strong

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel REVIEW

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 presetHi everyone! Today’s review is on Clinique’s ‘Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel’, a product that I’ve been using for a while now. It is a gel formula moisturiser that is directed at combination oily to oily skin.

This gel is an oil-free formula that is supposed to soften, smooth + improve the texture + condition of you skin as it contains skin-strengthening ingredients. It is also dermatologist-developed, allergy tested + fragrance free.

This is my second bottle already + I have to say that I think it’s a really good teenage-friendly moisturiser. It’s very light + absorbs quickly whilst providing enough moisture to keep skin healthy and soft. I’ve tried a range of creams + this is hassle-free, easy to get hold of, + whilst it is on the slightly pricier side there is enough to last you a good few months. The pump applicator is also a bonus making it easy to see how much you need. I use about 2 to 3 pumps morning + night.

I would recommend this to teenage skin whatever skin type you have because even with oily skin it is very important to moisturise. If you have very dry skin I would recommend looking at the cream version, although the gel formula could be used in conjunction with a hydrating toner or serum.

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

Has anyone tried the Clinique 3 step system and if so, how did you find it? Let me know in the comments below!


Revlon Matte Balm REVIEW

Hi everyone! Today I have a quick lipstick review + it is the Revlon Matte Balm. I’ve got mine in the shade 225, ‘Enchanting’ + it’s such a wearable colour that I thought I would make some swatches + give it a quick review.
I chose ‘Enchanted’ because it is such an everyday shade, a pale
dusty-pink nude + because I wanted to try out Revlon’s line of matte lipsticks. I picked this up at my local Boots for £7.99 which is a really decent price.

In my opinion, this lipstick glides on smoothly, leaving an even coverage of colour with a velvety matte finish + after applying it, my lips don’t feel excessively dry. The only thing that I didn’t like so much about this product was that it accentuated dry patches on my lips quite a bit so I would recommend gently exfoliating and moisturising your lips beforehand.

Overal I would recommend this product because the matte formula isn’t too drying, it doesn’t settle in the fine lines of my mouth + because it’s a lovely colour. However, if you don’t like maintaining you lips I think that this may draw attention to any chaps and cracks.

Here are the swatches over bare lips (top) and concealed lips (bottom):


Have any of you tried this line, and what colours can you recommend? Happy Winter!


Winter Dream Cream

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

The days are getting shorter, the nights colder. You may also find that your skin is getting drier. As Winter gets into full swing it’s possible that you might just need that little moisture boost to help fight dry and flaking skin + to protect against those pesky chapped lips.

This orange + white striped pot of dream cream is the ‘Yu-be Moisturizing Skin Cream’ + it is a multipurpose moisturiser that can be used on the face, cuticles, lips – pretty much all over the body.

On the packaging it is described as a concentrated glycerin moisturiser enriched with vitamins B2, C + E to help hydrate, soothe and smooth rough, scaly + dry skin. It is also suitable for vegans, gluten free, devoid of animal-derived products + not tested on animals.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The ‘Yu-be Moisturizing Skin Cream’ is a pale yellow, thick cream that has a consistency almost like a balm. The colour is because the cream contains camphor, which is used to give a cooling effect similar to that of menthol. Only a small amount is needed as, when warmed on the skin, the cream will begin to spread very easily + once applied, it absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft + smooth.

I use this cream either as a night treatment cream when I start seeing the dreaded flakes across my t-zone or as a lip mask before I go to bed. After cleanser, toner + serum, I apply the ‘Yu-be Moisturizing Cream’ in the areas where my skin is flaking, and where it isn’t, I apply my normal moisturiser. When I wake up I am flake free + my skin is super soft, smooth + even a little calmer.

I would highly recommend this product especially if you have dry skin, or if you are prone to it during the colder months. Even if you have combination skin or slightly-moderately oily skin, the cream can be mixed with a hydrating toner or serum to make the consistency more liquid + diluted. As a warning note though, some people may find the camphor smell quite overwhelming, however it does fade in a matter of minutes. Also – less is more!


Let me know if you’ve tried this cream and what you’ve used it for! Happy Winter everyone!


Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 50+ REVIEW

This review doesn’t seem that fitting at the moment because, at the time I’m writing this, there is a thick layer of dark clouds out the window. Not much sun so I haven’t timed this well, BUT, even if it’s cloudy you should still wear suncream. Here is a product that I’ve found that works well for my skin. Check it out below!


Continue reading “Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 50+ REVIEW”

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint VS VOV Milky Tint COMPARISON REVIEW


Recently, a school friend returned from a holiday in South Korea, and brought me back some small gifts. One of them included the VOV Milky Tint in Shade 2, Peach. Now, I had already previously bought the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in OR202, Cherry Corral, and since the two tints are pretty similar, I thought I would do a quick comparison of the two to help anyone stuck between them.

So here’s a quick review~!



I bought this from YesStyle quite a while ago when I first got interested in Korean makeup, and for a while I didn’t really use it. But when I dug it out again when the weather got sunnier I found myself reaching for it more and more.

I have to say I love all of Etude House’s packaging. I’m a sucker for cute, princessy stuff (much like Kyoko from Skip Beat), and it makes my heart sing when I see it on my dresser. It comes in a card carton which will be the same colour as the shade you get the tint in. The tint itself will also be the same shade as the one you order and has a white lid.

Perhaps what I like most is the fact that, even though it is an orange tint, it’s pretty subtle, so it’s perfect for a day look all year round and good for those who are a little apprehensive of a bright orange. I also think nice as it’s a little different from colours usually sold and worn in the UK.

One layer of tint

I would say that this tint is more of a creamy sort, rather than a liquid. It does take a little while to settle on the lips though and I find myself having to spread the product with my lips to get an even finish. Another thing is that it doesn’t last that long. At all. With drinking it’s about an hour and a half, and without, about three. And I don’t know if it’s just me and my weird lips, but the straight applicator makes it a little tricky for me to apply the right amount.

But don’t get me wrong. Overall I would say this is a good tint and shade for someone who wants a subtle peachy orange tint that doesn’t mind reapplying throughout the day. It’s cheap and it’s cute and as a starting tint I think it’s a good choice to go for – a lot of people go for the pink option which looks so pretty – I need to get my hands on it soon aha.



My friend knows of my fondness over orange make up so I’m glad she got this for me to try. The packaging is so pretty I actually gasped. Just the details… and the fonts… and the colour…

Unlike the Fresh Cherry Tint, the applicator for the Milky Tint is angled to fit the natural shape of lips, and I find that it really helps with the application. It also doesn’t pick up too much product meaning you don’t have to waste some by blotting the excess off.

The colour is definitely stronger than the Etude House, and I would say it’s more of a vibrant orange rather then a Peach. I would say go for this if you’re confident pulling off a bold(er) lip. It may be because of the consistency or the high pigmentation that this tint lasts for such a long time. So long in fact that I had to actually use a lip remover to get rid of it after wearing it for a whole day.

One layer of tint

Another thing I really didn’t expect, but really love, is that it seems to blur the lines on my lips. One of the reasons I don’t wear lipstick every day is, because, if you haven’t exfoliated your lips you can see flakes of skin and icky stuff and I really don’t like that because I get really conscious. This however makes my lips smooth and soft and they don’t dry out during the whole day.

I’m so impressed with this lip tint that the other colours in the range are at the top of my wish list. I need to get my paws on the pink tint because if it’s anything like the Peach I will most definitely use it every day.


Left: VOV – Right: Etude House
After 10 minutes. Left: VOV – Right: Etude House


+ Subtle orange colour

+ Cheap

+ Cute Packaging

– Doesn’t last very long

– Application a little tricky


+ Vivid colour

+ Long lasting

+ Smooths lips

+ Easy application with tilted wand

+ Cheap

– Very bold colour that could be off putting

So, taking into consideration all of the above, I would say that the winner is~ The VOV Milky Tint!


Hope you enjoyed the comparison~!