Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette REVIEW (/RANT)

I’m just not going to make excuses for not posting anymore aha.


It’s late, I’ve spent the day flat hunting and playing BDO, and out of the blue I just felt like writing a short review. I was swiping though all the photos I have on my desktop all ready to be slotted into a review, and I came across these images of my Tarte palette and it made me think: why did I stop gravitating towards it?


Before I go into my own opinion, I’ll outline what you get, and what Tarte claims this product does.

For the price of £36 (UK) you will receive 12 fully matte eye shadows with all the hues falling within the neutral spectrum. The palette is arranged in a way so that, within each of the rows, the shades work well together which will help out beginners who aren’t sure which colours work best together or who haven’t experimented with what they like best. Individual shade names are printed onto the packaging under each pan and there’s a full size mirror inside. The packaging is sturdy and the lid click closes.

Tarte markets these eye shadows as ‘diverse’ and in colours that are ‘never-seen-before’ (although I beg to differ), and is formulated using Amazonian clay, one of the brand’s signature ingredients, vitamin E (an antioxidant) and mineral pigments.

This palette is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates and gluten.


The reason I bought this palette was because I was reading up on tips for applying eye shadow on hooded eyes, and one of the main points I saw was to use matte eye shadows. In the time directly after buying the palette I was hooked. I loved the neutral transition colours and the black and most pigmented I’d ever owned.

But then I got bored. And I didn’t realise it until about a year had passed and I saw the purple packaging under my ABH Modern Renaissance, my Morphe 350 and all the other palettes I’d accumulated. And it was then I realised I was bored because, to me,  it was a boring palette. I bought into the hype but I ended up disappointed. In the pans, the colours looked decent, swatched I became slightly apprehensive but I was appeased by the transitions and the pigmented black – and on the eyes I regretted getting this palette. Honestly I found that some of these shadows weren’t pigmented at all (Caregiver, the pale pink did not show up at all on my lids), some of the colours looks so similar on the eye that it was almost a scam, (Dreamer + Multi tasker I’m looking at you), and blending most of them was more effort than I wanted to put in.


Whilst it sounds like I’m writing a very negative review, I’m writing more of a disappointing review. I was expecting more – something. Maybe making the colours richer (they all seemed so desaturated, similar to NYX’s Lip Lingerie line), making the two warm browns slightly different rather than plonking two of the same colour right next to each other, adding more warmth to either the first or second row – anything. And whilst I admit I’m a fan of burnt oranges and rich cranberry shades, I’ve seen other neutral matte palettes that have made eye shadows that aren’t just varying shades of brown. However, that being said, there were a few colours that I did really like:

Free spirit: I use this, sometimes with Super mom mixed in, to set my eyelids and just under and it works really well at mattifying and smoothing out the area.

Force of nature: Very buildable, smooth and moderately pigmented which I like because I can really control the strength of my transition shade.

Wanderer: Another nice transition colour, good pigmentation and can also work as a nose / eye contour shade for some skin tones.


Overall do I recommend this palette? I’m afraid I have to say no. If you were interested in trying out this or their other palette, the Tartelette In Bloom palette I would have to say try the In Bloom. In all honesty, I missed my shimmer shades to highlight my inner corner and my brow bone, I missed some variety. This palette is not interesting, nor is it worth its price since essentially you are paying for 12 variations of 3 or 4 colours. I would recommend one of the Zoeva or even Morphe palettes which are cheaper, blend better and how more variety so you can experiment with a wider range of looks.

Overall I give this palette a 2.5 / 5. It’s a very basic palette with not much diversity. The three or so colours that are good cannot justify an overall disappointing product.