Sleek Blush by 3 Palette in Lace 367 – SWATCHES

Oh look who it is.

Pretty much all of my posts start with the same apology and self-deprecating remarks that nobody missed me to I’ll keep my excuses short this time. One word short actually.


And here are the swatches!


A compact blush palette with a range of orange orientated blushes to suit all skin tones. Intense pigmentation and lasting staying power. Blendability may be an issue. 4/5

£9.99 from Boots


Winter blues? More like Winter oranges cause this palette will warm you right up! This is a cute trio of blushes by one of the more consistent pharmacy brands, Sleek, which I got from one of Boots’ star gift offers.

These blushes are very orange orientated, although I would say the middle is more of a pinkish peach with a generous helping of gold shimmer. You get two matte blushes and one shimmer. The packaging is Sleek’s usual matte black compact with a full sized mirror in the lid.


I do have to say that the intensity of the blushes doesn’t come across in the photos very well. Whilst I love a good orange (Morphe 350 looking at you), I was a little daunted by the pigmentation. However, the colours are stunning when applied and definitely buildable. They’re not your typical pinks but I think a little orange blush really brings warm, earthy looks together.

The 3 colours you get are Crochet, Guipure and Chantilly.

Crochet – a bright yellowish orange (think 3CE’s ‘My Muse)

Guipure – medium pink with warm gold micro shimmer (probably my favourite – looks amazing!)

Chantilly – a vibrant coral with with strong pink undertones (very buildable for everyday and evening wear)


I’m not usually a big blush fan thanks to my rosacea, but I’ve found myself reaching for this more and more especially when using my Modern Renaissance and Morphe 350. It just ties the whole look together and I like the fact that it’s a little different and unique.

The powders are silky and very pigmented so I’d recommend tapping your brush into the pan, then dabbing a bit on your hand, and then your face. It sounds long winded, and it is. I have to say that the pigmentation of the palette is both a positive and a negative, because whilst you do get a really vibrant colour, there is the chance of ending up with bright orange patches on your cheeks. I combat this by using dabbing motions instead of swirling my brush so I can control the amount of product better.




Overall, I really enjoy these blushes for their colour and pigmentation and I’m already eyeing a few other shades from their range, especially that dupe for Nars’ Orgasm!




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