Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker REVIEW


Look at all these reviews flooding out, that’s a shocker. Makes a change from posting once then dropping off the face of the blogosphere for two months. Anyway, today I’m going to review the Chosungah 22 Brow Maker is the shade ‘grey brown’, which I bought from Sasa in Malaysia and it’s a brand I’ve had my eye on for a while since following their US instagram account. However, it’s a little difficult to get your hands on so when I saw the display I pounced on it. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t find the Flavourful Flavorful Lipsticks as they look so pretty… Anyway – onto the review!


On the Sephora US website it is described as “a waterproof, one-of-a-kind tinted brow gel… With an ergonomically-designed, two-in-one applicator” It is stated to be formulated with phyto keratin and henna to nourish and protect your brows against the elements. (I didn’t know my eyebrows were affected by the weather).

The Brow Maker is available in 4 shades:

  • Light Blonde
  • Grey Brown
  • Medium Blonde
  • Black Brown


Can we appreciate how it looks exactly like a highlighter?


Packaging wise – it’s pink – so that’s a 10/10. My own bias towards the colour pink aside, the box and actual brow product inside are the same colour, so if you bought the version for, say, medium blonde, you would get an orange box with an orange tube. On the back of the box there is the usual claims of the product and also an explanation of how the dual applicator works. The tip of the brush “defines and fills in eyebrows” while there is a “mohican brush for colour payoff and grooming” (basically the spoolie part of the applicator).

On the side of the box there are diagrams to show how to use it if visual learning is your thing. The directions are as follows:

  1. Use the mohican brush (spoolie) to coat eyebrows and arrange them in a zigzag motion.
  2. With the triangular tip, fill in sparse areas and draw in lines.

Whilst I can’t fault the actual directions, from a design perspective I’m a little peeved by how a few words were carried onto the next line, which in itself is bad, but also, a dash wasn’t even used. Perhaps they could have justified the text or something. It’s a minor thing but it would just help with the linguistic clarity. (I’m an English A level student if that explains anything).


The box comes sealed at the top but not at the bottom. The actual tube doesn’t have a seal. You also get the colour printed at the top as well as on the back of the tube and I think it matches the colour you buy.


I have to admit I didn’t really need to buy this, but just because you don’t need new makeup doesn’t mean you don’t buy any, you feel me? I’d actually been using L’Oréal’s Perfection Brow Artist Plumper for almost a year, first in the light / medium shade when I had lighter hair, and then the medium / dark when I went back to my natural colour. And I have to say it works really well, the brush is small and narrow, and it holds your eyebrows in place all day, (I used to wear it all day to school and then to the gym). If you can’t get your hands on the Chosungah 22 version, or are working on a budget, definitely give the L’Oréal a go.

But back to the Brow Maker. The brush is probably the biggest selling point of the product. Whilst I see the convenience of the dual applicator it is a learning curve when you first buy this product. While applying this for the first time I kept getting product from the tip on the space between my brows, and since the tip picks up a lot of the gel I ended up with some pretty big splotches on my skin. In regards to the ‘mohican’ brush, I did like it. I was a little less dense and wider than the L’Oréal but it still gave my eyebrows an even coating. And when the tip of the brush wasn’t painting dots on my face, I found that it cut the time and products needed when I usually do my brows. The way I used it was to wipe the excess of the brow gel off and then paint(?) thin lines using the narrow side of the brush to mimic hair, rather than using the wider side to just block it in.


I feel like I’ve been overly negative in this review, but honestly, I do like this product. But I would definitely not recommend this to someone who is just starting to experiment in filling their eyebrows in. I feel like, because the applicator picks up a lot of product, it is easy to get brows that are too heavy or clumped with product. However, if used with a delicate, practiced hand, the results are defined brows that look full but not blocked in. The colour is super flattering for people looking for a neutral colour to fill in their brows without a reddish tint, and the formula is extremely waterproof.

Overal I will give the Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker a 4 out of 5, with a point deducted for the tricky nature of the the applicator, but points for a great colour, longevity and even, full finish.

That’s it for this review, see you on my next post!

If you’re interested in trying this out, here are a few places you can get them from and the price:

Sephora (US) – $22

SASA – SGD34 / £19.58

Birchbox – $22


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