Chosungah 22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker REVIEW


Look at all these reviews flooding out, that’s a shocker. Makes a change from posting once then dropping off the face of the blogosphere for two months. Anyway, today I’m going to review the Chosungah 22 Brow Maker is the shade ‘grey brown’, which I bought from Sasa in Malaysia and it’s a brand I’ve had my eye on for a while since following their US instagram account. However, it’s a little difficult to get your hands on so when I saw the display I pounced on it. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t find the Flavourful Flavorful Lipsticks as they look so pretty… Anyway – onto the review!


On the Sephora US website it is described as “a waterproof, one-of-a-kind tinted brow gel… With an ergonomically-designed, two-in-one applicator” It is stated to be formulated with phyto keratin and henna to nourish and protect your brows against the elements. (I didn’t know my eyebrows were affected by the weather).

The Brow Maker is available in 4 shades:

  • Light Blonde
  • Grey Brown
  • Medium Blonde
  • Black Brown


Can we appreciate how it looks exactly like a highlighter?


Packaging wise – it’s pink – so that’s a 10/10. My own bias towards the colour pink aside, the box and actual brow product inside are the same colour, so if you bought the version for, say, medium blonde, you would get an orange box with an orange tube. On the back of the box there is the usual claims of the product and also an explanation of how the dual applicator works. The tip of the brush “defines and fills in eyebrows” while there is a “mohican brush for colour payoff and grooming” (basically the spoolie part of the applicator).

On the side of the box there are diagrams to show how to use it if visual learning is your thing. The directions are as follows:

  1. Use the mohican brush (spoolie) to coat eyebrows and arrange them in a zigzag motion.
  2. With the triangular tip, fill in sparse areas and draw in lines.

Whilst I can’t fault the actual directions, from a design perspective I’m a little peeved by how a few words were carried onto the next line, which in itself is bad, but also, a dash wasn’t even used. Perhaps they could have justified the text or something. It’s a minor thing but it would just help with the linguistic clarity. (I’m an English A level student if that explains anything).


The box comes sealed at the top but not at the bottom. The actual tube doesn’t have a seal. You also get the colour printed at the top as well as on the back of the tube and I think it matches the colour you buy.


I have to admit I didn’t really need to buy this, but just because you don’t need new makeup doesn’t mean you don’t buy any, you feel me? I’d actually been using L’Oréal’s Perfection Brow Artist Plumper for almost a year, first in the light / medium shade when I had lighter hair, and then the medium / dark when I went back to my natural colour. And I have to say it works really well, the brush is small and narrow, and it holds your eyebrows in place all day, (I used to wear it all day to school and then to the gym). If you can’t get your hands on the Chosungah 22 version, or are working on a budget, definitely give the L’Oréal a go.

But back to the Brow Maker. The brush is probably the biggest selling point of the product. Whilst I see the convenience of the dual applicator it is a learning curve when you first buy this product. While applying this for the first time I kept getting product from the tip on the space between my brows, and since the tip picks up a lot of the gel I ended up with some pretty big splotches on my skin. In regards to the ‘mohican’ brush, I did like it. I was a little less dense and wider than the L’Oréal but it still gave my eyebrows an even coating. And when the tip of the brush wasn’t painting dots on my face, I found that it cut the time and products needed when I usually do my brows. The way I used it was to wipe the excess of the brow gel off and then paint(?) thin lines using the narrow side of the brush to mimic hair, rather than using the wider side to just block it in.


I feel like I’ve been overly negative in this review, but honestly, I do like this product. But I would definitely not recommend this to someone who is just starting to experiment in filling their eyebrows in. I feel like, because the applicator picks up a lot of product, it is easy to get brows that are too heavy or clumped with product. However, if used with a delicate, practiced hand, the results are defined brows that look full but not blocked in. The colour is super flattering for people looking for a neutral colour to fill in their brows without a reddish tint, and the formula is extremely waterproof.

Overal I will give the Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker a 4 out of 5, with a point deducted for the tricky nature of the the applicator, but points for a great colour, longevity and even, full finish.

That’s it for this review, see you on my next post!

If you’re interested in trying this out, here are a few places you can get them from and the price:

Sephora (US) – $22

SASA – SGD34 / £19.58

Birchbox – $22


3CE Long Wear Eye Crayon REVIEW


Hey everyone long time no see! I’ve actually just come back from a 3 week holiday in Malaysia, (which was fab), and so of course I’ve brought back a tonne of makeup and skincare to try out. Since I went to an Asian country there were many brands from that region, so I got my hands on lots of Korean and Japanese products that would be harder to get in the UK. I’ve got a bunch of stuff to review now, ranging from items from Sephora (when will we get one in the UK?) to road shop brands. So today I’m reviewing 3CE’s Long Wear Eye Crayon in two shades, #Pleasure and #Bebop.


3CE is a makeup line from Stylenanda, a Korean clothes shop, and I would say it caters for a young adult audience with a mix of sophisticated / classic colours and formulations, however with quite a few more bold shades not typically made by Korean companies. From yellow lip pigment to cream compacts housed in hot pink packaging, 3CE has a cohesive aesthetic and seems to be a brand willing to experiment with shades to cater to all tastes.



I’ve always been attracted to 3CE’s packaging. Perhaps for some, the simple black and white boxes that their makeup is usually housed in may be a tad boring, but for me I find it simple yet classy without being overbearingly so. However, if you need your fix of pink, there is a whole collection with pink packaging, as well as the new collaboration with Barbapapa. With these eye crayons I also appreciate the fact that the box includes an indication of the colour, even though it isn’t exact and the finish isn’t correct (both #Pleasure and #Bebop are shimmer shades).


I think most, if not all of 3CE’s products come with a sticker showing that your product has not been opened, which I also had when I bought a lipstick and blush a while back.


The product itself is very similar looks-wise to the box. The plastic is matte and there is the colour indicator at the bottom making it handy if you have several of these. The shade is printed on the side. The tube is quite light, but sturdy, (like holding a fountain pen) and you get about 2 1/2 cm of product which is moderate. Since the formulation of the actual crayon is significantly softer than, say, an eyeliner, I’m curious as to how long it will last. You have to pull the cap to open the tube and then twist up the crayon, (which can be twisted back down thankfully).



(Left) : #Bebop – a bright copper shimmer

(Right) : #Pleasure – an icy, pale pink shimmer

I hope you can tell in the photos that when 3CE say shimmer, they really mean it. I think #Pleasure will be great to highlight the inner corner of your eyes or your aegyosal and #Bebop would look stunning in a halo eyeshadow look in the centre or even used for a pop of colour below the water line. As I mentioned previously the crayons are quite soft and so glide very smoothly across the skin. When applied straight from the tube the colours are bright and very even, although it may take a swipe or two to build up the intensity. However, once you try to blend it out a little, the colours, especially #Bebop, lose their richness. You can also start to see less of a shimmer, making the finish look kind of glittery. Since it is more difficult to blend than an eyeshadow, I would recommend sticking to the lower lash line and inner corners, or applying the crayon first and then working on top with eyeshadows if you wanted to use other colours / mattes.

While experimenting with the longevity of the crayon, I noticed that once left to set the colours don’t necessarily smudge when rubbed, but rather you pick the product up? I’m not sure that really makes sense… Basically, when I swatched these on my hand I left it on for about 10-15 minutes and then dragged my finger across them. The swatches didn’t really budge but I ended up with some of the colour and a lot of the glitter on my finger. So I guess that if you do unfortunately rub your eyes while wearing this you’ll just end up taking some glitter and pigment off but won’t end up with a massive streak?


Overall I feel like I should give a different score to the two shades, simply because of how I would use them. For #Pleasure, I would give it a 4 out of 5 when used for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, since the area is quite small and therefore fairly easy to blend. You could get away with one swipe of your finger.

For #Bebop, I really want to give it a 4.5 because the colour is stunning, but as an eye crayon to use on my eyelid I would give it a 3.5. Whilst the colour is beautiful, the depth of colour is lost when it is blended into the skin. And since it is an eye crayon, you’re can’t really skimp on the blending. This also means that it is more work than just using a shimmer eyeshadow which may ultimately have more pigmentation than the 3CE version. The blended out colour still is very pretty but it doesn’t have the same kick as the one straight out the tube. However, if used to line the eyes I would give it a 4. A word of warning though. Do not use this if you are wearing foundation on your eye area as the foundation will transfer onto the crayon and therefore change the colour. This is therefore best applied over a naked eye or fully set one. A plus though for both of them is that they’re waterproof if that’s what you’re looking for.

Here’s a look that I did for my upcoming review, (hint – an eyebrow product) where I used both of these colours. I used #Pleasure on the inner corners and #Bebop on my lower lash line.



I’m afraid to say I’m on the fence with this one. I really want to like it because I love the brand so much, but the pro’s and con’s pretty much weigh each other out. I would recommend you this if you like simple eyeshadow / liner looks and like delicate shimmers. I would say if you like the convenience of a stick eyeshadow maybe check this out, however, the time needed to blend these out if you wanted it over the lid may render this useless as it may be more time consuming that sweeping on a wash of powder eyeshadow.


If you’re interested in trying out these eye crayons for yourself there are several places to get them from. I bought mine from Sephora in Malaysia, but there are several websites that sell 3CE’s products if you don’t live in a country where it is sold. (I won’t use links but just use the search bar to find it).

Sephora (Malaysia) – RM65 / £12.49

Tester Korea – 15,000 won / $14.09


That’s it for this review, I’m sorry it’s so long for just two eye pencils but I like getting carried away! I have a lot of products to review so expect another post very soon!