NYX Matte Lipstick REVIEW

Several Boots stores started stocking NYX products a few weeks back, and whilst good news for the makeup enthusiast that I am, it’s not so good for my poor wallet. Regardless I’ve picked up a  couple of items which I’ll review over the coming weeks. Today I’m reviewing two colours from their Matte Lipstick range: Euro Trash (politically relevant for us Brits?) and Tea Rose. In fact, it was the name ‘Tea Rose’ that inspired my photos for this post – I used a mixed herb blend tea which had small dried rose buds in it as a bit of decoration which I bought from Neal’s Yard a while back.

These lipsticks are priced at £6.50 each and to my knowledge only available online at Boots.com and in certain Boots stores across the UK. I would say that the packaging appeals to my aesthetic side due to the sleek black matte casing and contrasted white logo.  It’s also practical as it has a clear band around the middle so you can see the colour. Whilst in a shop it’s always best to swatch the colour on your hand to see whether you like it, this could come in useful if you have several of these swimming in your makeup bag, as it would make distinguishing between them easier. However, that being said, it does give the lipstick a bit of a cheap feel as if reminiscent of kid’s play makeup. Also, if you shake it, you can hear something moving about so it feels a little flimsy.


I bought two colours, (but I have my eyes on you Whipped Caviar), one within my comfort zone and one slightly on the borders. Tea Rose was the first one I picked up from the stand because I usually go for pinky mauve colours for my lips and this was right up my street. It’s not really baby pink, which I personally don’t always like wearing, but it’s not dark enough to be delegated only to nights out or special occasions. For some people perhaps this would be too dark for an everyday colour, but I think, especially with minimal eye makeup, it would look a mix of fresh and sophisticated. Euro Trash is something that I normally wouldn’t look at, simply because I thought that sort of colour wouldn’t suit me. However, the moment I swatched it on the back of my hand I knew it was coming home with me. It’s actually quite a hard colour to describe – it’s mainly brown, almost like a terracotta brown with subtle hints of pink. When I tried it on at home it was like my natural lip colour except more prominent. I feel like if you like the brown toned colours in the Kylie Lip Kits you’d like this colour quite a lot!


I would say this these lipsticks are not 100% matte, but I’m alright with that. Although not being completely matte may impact the longevity and the wear of the lipstick I think this means that they are not drying on the lips. They still have that small portion of moisture in the formula to still be able to apply smoothly and not to accentuate fine lines on the mouth. You won’t get the same wear time and transfer resistance as with a liquid lipstick, however, I got on average 4-6 hours before I had to reapply, (it varied due to factors such as drinking and eating). Whilst for some that may not be a long time, it doesn’t particularly bother me as reapplying the colour is very easy as it doesn’t clump or get patchy.

Lip Swatches: (Top – Tea Rose, bottom – Euro Trash)

Do I recommend these? Um, yes! For what you pay, you get great pigmentation, an array of colours to suit all skin tones, a decent wear time, and now, easy access. I’m in love with these two colours and when my funds have recovered from my recent splurge on a prom dress I’m definitely going to pick up some more colours. When I do I’ll make a swatch post, or tag them onto the end of this one.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this review, have a great week! Also look forward to my next post which will be on the newly available L’Oréal Nude Magique Cushion foundation! (Which I’m wearing in my selfie~)


24 thoughts on “NYX Matte Lipstick REVIEW

    1. I really want some (more) as well! Actually you never know – I thought I couldn’t pull off red lipstick but I wore it out for the first time last week and I felt amazing!

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  1. Great review! I’ve been wanting to try these for a while. I hated the Soft Matte Lip Creams, I just couldn’t get a good, even finish but these look more up my street! 🙂


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