Clio Kill Cover Concealer and Kill Black Pen Liner REVIEW


Just as a heads up, this post has a lot of pictures so it may load quite slowly!

Do you ever feel that mix of excitement and guilt when you purchase a haul? ‘Cause I do, and that’s what I felt when I recently spent more money than I should have at Jolse. I was super excited to get my hands on new products from Korea, but at that same time, my wallet was internally crying. I have to say though, my feeling of excitement were much stronger, (I’m a self-confessed make-up addict). I’ve decided to split up the items I bought into groups and this post is on what I bought from Clio Professional. And since the concealer kit had ‘Pro Artist’ in it, I thought it would be cool to use a gauche palette as a backdrop for my photos and swatches!

All products were bought by me, and my reviews are my own thoughts as usual~

Clio Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner – $8.48

Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Concealer kit – $15.28


First up is the ‘Pro Artist Liquid Concealer’ kit which I got in shade no. 2, Lingerie which is recommended for people who use shade 21 for their foundation. The kit comes with the concealer, which is advertised on the box to have won the InStyle Star Beauty Award 2014, a pencil brightener and a pencil concealer. You also get a handy little sharpener!

The concealer is housed in really sleek packaging. I think the tube is frosted glass or very heavy plastic (sorry I’m not good with these things) and comes with a standard doe foot applicator.

Everything comes in matte black box with some of the product’s claims and shades available. It is marketed as having:

  • Kill cover – to perfectly conceal blemishes and enlarged pores with a perfect matte finish without caking and dryness
  • Kill whitening (brightening on Clio website) – to transform skin from “dull and drab to flawless and vibrant” (sic) with niacinamide and liquorice root extract
  • Kill lasting – to ensure makeup lasts all day with sebum control power

The concealer comes in 4 shades:

2 – Lingerie

3 – Linen

4 – Ginger

5- Sand

I have to admit I wasn’t really sure what to think of this concealer. It definitely lived up to it’s kill cover credentials as it covered up my dark circles and any blemishes I put it on, however, I wasn’t sure about the colour. On me it was a tad too dark, meaning if I put it on top of my foundation I was left with patches of orange in certain light which isn’t a good look believe me. Maybe I got a dud or an old product because it doesn’t seem to match up to the official swatches… Regarding longevity and creasing I would say that it does last quite a while on the skin, for me it lasted the school day, which is probably due to it being a very matte finish. Creasing was minimal – but it depends on how much you put on. When I used ‘the triangle’ method of  applying my concealer there was quite a lot of excess product meaning the area under my eyes became almost tacky(?) and creased. But this was fixed by wiping off the excess and setting it with a powder. When I applied 3 small dots however, there wasn’t any creasing for a good 6 hours.

I would recommend this concealer to people with oily, oily combo or normal skin. The only reason I think this wouldn’t work so well with people with dry skin is that this product can emphasise flaking or dry skin. This is a high coverage concealer so anyone who wants to cover up discolouration or blemishes could use this, but if you have relatively clear skin and/ or don’t like wearing quite heavy coverage makeup this isn’t the best concealer out there for you. Despite the high coverage, it does feel weightless so if you are just starting to delve into concealer and want high coverage this is definitely more than what you would get from numerous pharmacy options. Overall I would give it 4/5 for oily skin and a 3.5/5 for dry skin!

Along with the concealer I got two pencils, a brightener and a spot concealer. The brightener came in a pale salmon / pastel pink colour and the concealer came in a shade darker than the liquid concealer. I didn’t like these two that much which is a shame as they could’ve been very handy to keep in my makeup bag. The pencil concealer was just too dark for me, but, it did have very good coverage (being able to cover up acne scars and small moles). The pencil itself was creamy and applied smoothly without dragging the skin. Even though it doesn’t match my skin tone I suppose that I could use it under my foundation because I don’t like throwing and/ or wasting products. The brightener had a different formula to the concealer and it was harder and took more pressure for the product to show up making me slightly apprehensive on using it under my eyes where the skin is very delicate. However, I see myself using this one more than the concealer, just because it worked for my skin colour. Had the concealer been the right colour I would have given it a 4 1/2 out of 5, and I would give the brightener a 4/5.

Here are the swatches:

From top to bottom – Pro Artist Liquid Concealer, Pro Artist Pencil Brightener, Pro Artist Pencil Concealer



The last item I got from Clio was the Kill Black Pen Liner, which, might I say, is my favourite eyeliner as of now. I wore this from 10am to 1am with my Etude House eye primer and by the end of the night it looked the same as when I first applied it.

What I first noticed about the pen was that when you shook it up and down there is something inside the compartment with the actual eyeliner fluid. Maybe this helps stop it from drying out or something?

The nib itself isn’t extremely thick or thin, it’s sort of on middle ground, but it is capable of making both thin delicate lines and bold looks, (although with a bold look you wouldn’t be able to do it in one go). For some reason, there is a lack of waterproof eyeliner in the UK, someone please tell me why, so I had been using a pretty low end one from Rimmel with a  felt tip, and it was a chore trying to put eyeliner on so I didn’t bother using it every day. However, this pen made doing my eyeliner so easy, and unlike the Rimmel, the Clio pen liner is actually waterproof and doesn’t somehow transfer down my face.


Out of all the Clio items I got I have to say that I would recommend the eyeliner the most. Definitely on me it lasted more than the working day, and made application a dream. It remained very black all day, and even lasted on my lash line which is a first. As someone with oily and slightly hooded eyes, I think this is a superb eyeliner which is worth what it is cost and more. I would give it a 4.7 (very specific I know), with the 0.3 reduction only because it is not easily available in the UK.

You made it! I didn’t mean for the reviews to be so long, I just kept on typing and typing. Anyway, thank you so much for reading all of my rambling thoughts on Clio products and I hope you stick around for lots more reviews coming up very soon! Have a great Sunday afternoon!


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