Sleek Gloss Me lip gloss and Matte Me lip cream REVIEW


Hi everyone, today is a review on Sleek’s Gloss Me and Matte Me lip products. I didn’t actually want to post two reviews of lip stuff in a row, but, I thought, why not. But don’t worry I’ve got some different things lined up for the coming weeks. Actually, I have just placed an order on Jolse, (I bought 7 things oh dear), so I’ll do a haul post as well as some individual, detailed reviews and swatches. Anyway, onto these goodies~

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These two cost £4.99 each but at the moment there’s a 3 for 2 at Superdrug, so if you wanted you could pick one up for free if your other two items are over a fiver. Both come in the same packaging: a thick plastic tube and a matte screw cap with a doe-foot applicator. These applicators are actually a little different from your regular lipgloss one’s – the actual applicator head is longer and straighten than normal, and much harder. When I read some reviews for these products some people said that they didn’t like this as they felt it made the application more difficult. However, I care to disagree. I think having a harder tip makes it easier to get a precise line, (it almost acts like a felt tip). I apply both the lip cream and the gloss the same – I use the end of the applicator to line my lips and get the shape I want. Then, I fill in the rest with the long side, using two coats if I so wish.

Here below are the swatches:

(Excuse the changes in lighting, I’m not sure what happened… maybe I messed up the white balance or something…)

From left to right: “Birthday Suit”, “Thai Orchid”
  • “Birthday Suit” (Shade 436) – a warm brownish pink. Can be used for a nude lip look. Regarding formula, it has a nice consistency with one layer, but with two, or if you’re heavy handed it may feel a little thick on the lips. Also depending on amount applies, dry time varies from 30 seconds to a minute or two. The finish is completely matte. Although this doesn’t accentuate lines on the mouth, I would still recommend exfoliating (either with a scrub or very gently with a toothbrush) and applying a decent lip balm before you apply. I didn’t find this that drying, maybe due to the lip balm, and for me it lasted pretty much until I took it off, (around 6 hours). After eating I did notice some of the product missing from the inner parts of my lips. To remove, use a cleansing oil or balm, I feel like with a micellar water it would take a lot of wiping which may damage or irritate the lip area.
  • “Thai Orchid” (Shade 23) – a vibrant pink with undertones of purples and subtle glitter particles. This shade was so out of my comfort zone! I normally stick to the nudes or subtle pinks, so this was a big change. In fact, the formula was a big change too – I normally skip gloss altogether, and I’ve done so for several years. I just never liked how it looked on me, and those windy days when half your hair gets stuck on your face… Anyway, this lipgloss is very pigmented and even on first application it leaves an opaque cover on your lips. It is however a little sticky – but then again, it is a lip gloss. I’ve found that this can be applied in two ways. Either straight from the tube, as done in these swatches, or by dabbing small dots of colour across the lip for a more subtle look. I wouldn’t recommend trying to dampen the colour by blotting as this doesn’t leave a stain and you’ll just waste the product. The finish is a really glossy, water-like shine, and doesn’t dry out your lips. Remove this with a micellar water or oil cleanser.

Conclusion and ratings

I have to say that I preferred the matte formula over the gloss, as, personally, I’m not a gloss girl. I would give the Matte Me a 4.5 out of 5 and the Gloss Me a 3.5 to a 4 out of 5. The matte lip cream has a good consistency and lasts a long time, not to mention this colour could be a dupe for several more expensive liquid lipsticks on the market. For less than £5 I think it’s a really nice way to begin dabbling into a makeup trend without investing too heavily, only to find you don’t like the finish or it just doesn’t work for you.

As for the gloss, personally, although the colour is super pretty and fun, I’m just not a fan of lip glosses. Although I probably won’t wear this on it’s own, I have experimented using it on top of lipsticks such as Mac’s Fast Play, and it looked pretty good lol. I would say that if you’re a fan of lip glosses, and like them pigmented and shiny, give these a shot!




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