The Liebster Award

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I haven’t been blogging for very long, so when I found out that Sophia Lo had nominated me for the Liebster Award last night I couldn’t stop smiling. I think that’s what I love about blogging – it’s a creative outlet where people are so positive and appreciative of your content. This award is to give some exposure to new blogs just starting out, and so is a great way to let people know of some bloggers you like.

So these are the questions that Sophia set!

What is your favourite post on your blog?

Probably my first post, on the Verite cushion, cause it has the most views lol. But in all seriousness, I remember meticulously proofreading it, checking all my research on the ingredients was correct, taking dozens of photos trying to get the best angle, the best lighting. It was the beginning of this journey, and it has sort of become a bench mark for all my other posts – I hope that one day my other posts can be as popular as that one!

Eyeliner, or no eyeliner?

Ah, I love eyeliner, especially the way it can dramatically change the shape of your eyes, however, I never have time to wear it on a day to day basis (I have bad time management). So whilst I find eyeliner so nifty to wear when going out, for someone who always runs late, and needs a good 10 minutes to perfect my wing, I would say no eyeliner and instead opt for some dark brown eyeshadow and a coat of mascara.

What is your favourite beauty trend right now?

I don’t know the beauty trends right now? Oh dear… [10 minutes later]. Ok, so I just looked at Refinary 29 and was scrolling through their article on spring trends and about half-way through I saw pink eyeshadow and I was like, YES. Recently, following the release of Naked 3 and the Tarte In Bloom palettes, pink eyeshadows have been popping up more and more and I love it. Pink is so versatile – it can be cute, smokey or neutral – and it’s such an accessible trend too. So definitely that’s my favourite beauty trend and I look forward to more people trying out pink eyeshadow!

What is your favourite movie?

I’m not actually a movie person because I think they’re too long and they’re too hit and miss, although I did see Deadpool in the cinema a few weeks ago which I really enjoyed. Strangely, I prefer TV shows and dramas and can watch them all day (and night), particularly crime thrillers like Silent Witness and NCIS. Storage Hunters is my guilty pleasure (don’t judge).

Where would you love to travel to most?

My dream holiday would be a trip around South-East Asia, specifically Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and China. For several years now I’ve imagined following the cherry blossom from the South of Japan northwards, and having picnics under the trees. I want to explore both the traditional and modern aspects of the country, visiting places like Hokkaido and Akihabara.  Being a former avid watcher of 2 Days 1 Night, as well as several K-dramas, I’ve longed to go to South Korea, especially Myeongdong – a makeup lover’s paradise. But to be honest, I would be happy travelling anywhere, because I believe being open to different cultures is so important and such a rewarding experience.

Why did you get into blogging?

I like writing, I have something I’m passionate about, blogging seemed to be the thing for me! I also see myself as creative, so I love how blogging allows me to explore photography and journalism – it’s a good outlet and very relaxing.

How long have you been blogging for?

Not long, I’ve been sporadically blogging since May I think? Once summer comes around and my exams are finished, I plan to write on a regular basis and try and be more ambitious in my photography!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

With a successful blog! I find it’s rather futile imaging where I’ll be since too many things happen that you can’t even begin to factor them into your dreams and goals. I do however hope I have a job that I enjoy and find fulfilling, have close friends that support me and have to opportunity to travel all over the world. In truth I will probably be spending most of my time gaming and being sucked into the world of VR.

What do you do for fun?

I like a mix of electronic and traditional amusement. I binge watch series of anime or K-dramas, watch YouTube videos or I listen to music and just shut my eyes for a while. I also love reading, whether they’re teen fantasies or thrillers. I do occasionally delve into drawing, but I often end up frustrated when my line work isn’t up to scratch, or I called get the proportions perfect.

 What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand?

In general I think it would be L’Oreal or Sleek, that’s where I gravitate to first. For nail polish it’s always straight to Barry M for me. The formulation is great, lasts for ages and beautiful colours. And most importantly, it’s cheap, so it’s a win for me!

What is your favourite lipstick?

Ooh, this is tough. I have different favourites based on my mood, or the season, or the weather, so maybe my favourite 5 lippies? They would be:

  • Soap and Glory’s Mother Pucker in Blush Pink
  • Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Boy
  • Revlon’s Ultra HD Lipstick in HD Rose
  • Mac’s Amplified Lipstick in Fast Play
  • 3CE’s Lipstick in Bella

So there it is, my answers, sorry it’s so long – I got a little carried away. Anyway, I would like to nominate:

The Beau Parlour

The Makyaj Blog

The Beauty Official

Taylor’s Corner

And these are the questions I would like to give them:

What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

What are the top 3 beauty items on your wish list?

Country you would like to visit in the future?

Favourite artist/ album to listen to?

One beauty/ skincare item you can’t live without?

TV or books?

What’s your favourite facial feature and why?

Neutral or bold look?

Coffee or tea?

What age did you start wearing makeup, and do you think there is a certain age where it is acceptable?

Favourite makeup brand?

I hope you enjoyed this post and happy blogging!


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