Winter Dream Cream

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The days are getting shorter, the nights colder. You may also find that your skin is getting drier. As Winter gets into full swing it’s possible that you might just need that little moisture boost to help fight dry and flaking skin + to protect against those pesky chapped lips.

This orange + white striped pot of dream cream is the ‘Yu-be Moisturizing Skin Cream’ + it is a multipurpose moisturiser that can be used on the face, cuticles, lips – pretty much all over the body.

On the packaging it is described as a concentrated glycerin moisturiser enriched with vitamins B2, C + E to help hydrate, soothe and smooth rough, scaly + dry skin. It is also suitable for vegans, gluten free, devoid of animal-derived products + not tested on animals.

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The ‘Yu-be Moisturizing Skin Cream’ is a pale yellow, thick cream that has a consistency almost like a balm. The colour is because the cream contains camphor, which is used to give a cooling effect similar to that of menthol. Only a small amount is needed as, when warmed on the skin, the cream will begin to spread very easily + once applied, it absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft + smooth.

I use this cream either as a night treatment cream when I start seeing the dreaded flakes across my t-zone or as a lip mask before I go to bed. After cleanser, toner + serum, I apply the ‘Yu-be Moisturizing Cream’ in the areas where my skin is flaking, and where it isn’t, I apply my normal moisturiser. When I wake up I am flake free + my skin is super soft, smooth + even a little calmer.

I would highly recommend this product especially if you have dry skin, or if you are prone to it during the colder months. Even if you have combination skin or slightly-moderately oily skin, the cream can be mixed with a hydrating toner or serum to make the consistency more liquid + diluted. As a warning note though, some people may find the camphor smell quite overwhelming, however it does fade in a matter of minutes. Also – less is more!


Let me know if you’ve tried this cream and what you’ve used it for! Happy Winter everyone!



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