Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint VS VOV Milky Tint COMPARISON REVIEW


Recently, a school friend returned from a holiday in South Korea, and brought me back some small gifts. One of them included the VOV Milky Tint in Shade 2, Peach. Now, I had already previously bought the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in OR202, Cherry Corral, and since the two tints are pretty similar, I thought I would do a quick comparison of the two to help anyone stuck between them.

So here’s a quick review~!



I bought this from YesStyle quite a while ago when I first got interested in Korean makeup, and for a while I didn’t really use it. But when I dug it out again when the weather got sunnier I found myself reaching for it more and more.

I have to say I love all of Etude House’s packaging. I’m a sucker for cute, princessy stuff (much like Kyoko from Skip Beat), and it makes my heart sing when I see it on my dresser. It comes in a card carton which will be the same colour as the shade you get the tint in. The tint itself will also be the same shade as the one you order and has a white lid.

Perhaps what I like most is the fact that, even though it is an orange tint, it’s pretty subtle, so it’s perfect for a day look all year round and good for those who are a little apprehensive of a bright orange. I also think nice as it’s a little different from colours usually sold and worn in the UK.

One layer of tint

I would say that this tint is more of a creamy sort, rather than a liquid. It does take a little while to settle on the lips though and I find myself having to spread the product with my lips to get an even finish. Another thing is that it doesn’t last that long. At all. With drinking it’s about an hour and a half, and without, about three. And I don’t know if it’s just me and my weird lips, but the straight applicator makes it a little tricky for me to apply the right amount.

But don’t get me wrong. Overall I would say this is a good tint and shade for someone who wants a subtle peachy orange tint that doesn’t mind reapplying throughout the day. It’s cheap and it’s cute and as a starting tint I think it’s a good choice to go for – a lot of people go for the pink option which looks so pretty – I need to get my hands on it soon aha.



My friend knows of my fondness over orange make up so I’m glad she got this for me to try. The packaging is so pretty I actually gasped. Just the details… and the fonts… and the colour…

Unlike the Fresh Cherry Tint, the applicator for the Milky Tint is angled to fit the natural shape of lips, and I find that it really helps with the application. It also doesn’t pick up too much product meaning you don’t have to waste some by blotting the excess off.

The colour is definitely stronger than the Etude House, and I would say it’s more of a vibrant orange rather then a Peach. I would say go for this if you’re confident pulling off a bold(er) lip. It may be because of the consistency or the high pigmentation that this tint lasts for such a long time. So long in fact that I had to actually use a lip remover to get rid of it after wearing it for a whole day.

One layer of tint

Another thing I really didn’t expect, but really love, is that it seems to blur the lines on my lips. One of the reasons I don’t wear lipstick every day is, because, if you haven’t exfoliated your lips you can see flakes of skin and icky stuff and I really don’t like that because I get really conscious. This however makes my lips smooth and soft and they don’t dry out during the whole day.

I’m so impressed with this lip tint that the other colours in the range are at the top of my wish list. I need to get my paws on the pink tint because if it’s anything like the Peach I will most definitely use it every day.


Left: VOV – Right: Etude House
After 10 minutes. Left: VOV – Right: Etude House


+ Subtle orange colour

+ Cheap

+ Cute Packaging

– Doesn’t last very long

– Application a little tricky


+ Vivid colour

+ Long lasting

+ Smooths lips

+ Easy application with tilted wand

+ Cheap

– Very bold colour that could be off putting

So, taking into consideration all of the above, I would say that the winner is~ The VOV Milky Tint!


Hope you enjoyed the comparison~!


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